Street Photography By William Murphy


The fact that I mention that this statue is across from St. Luke’s rather than the other way around tells you a lot about how life has changed in Ireland.

I lived in Drumcondra for many years and an fairly sure that the location of this statue was not known as Our Lady’s Park back then so it must have been re-name as such within the last few years.

I believe that there are more than twenty Marian statues in Dublin but in general they do not appear to be listed in any database or catalogue and therefore I am finding it difficult to track them down. I have always been aware of one in Stillorgan and one in Drumcondra [shown in this photograph]. I have seen others but cannot remember the exact locations.

My understanding is that most were erected on public land during the Marian Year of 1954 but I cannot find out who erected them or who is responsible for maintaining them. Any information would be appreciated